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Edinburgh Private Detective GPS vehicle monitoring services are first rate. We have the very best as well as best quality equipment accessible. Its advanced specifications means we are able to provide the greatest equipment to our clients, utilized by the very best private detectives Edinburgh, United Kingdom can provide.

GPS navigation satellite enables a person with a GPS receiver to gain access to an internet site where the time and place details are saved concerning your device. Which means that the GPS navigation receiver fitted to a car or van may monitor the times and location of the car or van. This is what a lot of our business clients do to their fleet cars to keep track of how they are being driven and to analyse performance data of the vehicle.

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Edinburgh Vehicle Tracking

Edinburgh Private Detectives are extremely capable of discovering the root of the problems our clients might be having. Our private investigators are very professional, highly skilled, and experienced detectives with hundreds of cases to their that were solved. The list of satisfied client speaks volumes about their expertise and the reputation of our detective agency. Edinburgh Private Detectives takes great pride in being considered one of the best detective agencies in Edinburgh. In fact, it our reputation that brings us more and more clients. That was also the case with our next client. A woman called Edinburgh Private Detectives office to schedule a meeting, and to explain the nature of her problem to us. She wanted to find out the location of her estranged husband, as she hasn't seen or heard from him ever since he left her alone with their children, and wasn't paying the alimony. She had nobody else to turn to, and she tried countless times to find our her estranged husband's address, but failed every time. She hope that Edinburgh Private Detectives agency could help in solving her predicament.

Vehicle Tracking in Edinburgh

As she was a single mother, first and foremost, she was interested in how much would the investigation cost. Our agency provided her with our terms and conditions, and the costs of the entire investigation, as well the best course of action for a case like this. Our private investigators would need to fit a GPS tracking device to her husband vehicle in order to find out where he was staying at. The woman took a short time to deliberate, and decided on hiring us for the job, trusting we would be able to help her, as we came highly recommended as the best private detective agency in Edinburgh and maybe even in the UK. We had a hard time locating the client's husband, but our investigators were lucky to find out that he was working part-time in a bar. They were able to track him down, and when he was at work, fitted a GPS tracking device to his vehicle. Once they made sure it was working properly, they would track his whereabouts using the tracking software. After two weeks surveillance, our detectives were able to determine the location of his home, and also wrote down the time during which he was usually at home. Once the detectives were absolutely sure that it was the right address, they concluded the case and arranged for one final meeting with our client.

She was able to come into our office in Edinburgh the next day. She was eager to find out what our investigators were able to find out, and if they were successful in locating her husband. Edinburgh Private Detectives gave her the current address of her estranged husband, hoping that she would be able to get the money for her and her children. She was so grateful that Edinburgh Private Detectives was able to help her, and on such short notice, when everyone else turned their back on her

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