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Surveillance monitoring providers from Edinburgh Private Detectives can offer proof of an unfaithful partner, discover exactly where an estranged spouse resides and can show if a person is really off ill or is fraudulently declaring sick leave or even benefit. The experienced and gifted private detectives will skilfully stick to a target to observe what they're doing and where they are going.

Surveillance monitoring from Edinburgh Private Detectives is most often completed by a two of the expert private investigators. Nevertheless, this isn't always the situation as it is possible to provide a group as big as is required to the associated scenario. The private detectives can mix in to any kind of scenario to provide this excellent support.

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Suveillance Sessions - Edinburgh investigator
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Edinburgh Private Detectives has gained the trust of many, many clients who have become regulars, turning to our agency for any problem they aren't able to solve personally or if they are somehow prevented from solving it. A man came into our office at Edinburgh Private Detectives seeking our help. He recently discovered that his wife was not going to work at the pub she claimed she worked in. As is normal, he was interested to find out where his wife was going every night when she was supposedly going to work. He also wanted to know what would be the best course of action in a case like this. Our private investigators assured him that they are highly skilled professionals, with a background in law enforcement, where they have solved hundreds of cases similar to his, and that he could count on our Edinburgh Private Detectives agency to provide him with an answer regarding his wife.

Surveillance in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators suggested that we put his wife under surveillance in order to determine her whereabouts outside the house when she was supposed to be at the pub. Our client agreed with our suggestions, but he also wanted to know what would be the cost of the investigation if he were to hire us for the job. Our agency presented him with how much the entire investigation would cost, as well as our terms and condition. The client took a short time to deliberate, and after weighing all the options, he decided to hire us. Our private investigators assured him that the whole matter will handled discreetly and that it wouldn't take long before he had all the facts presented to him. The client left, and the investigators at Edinburgh Private Detectives could go on with planning and conducting the investigation Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators used the address of our client to begin tracking his wife when she left home. She sat in her car and drove to the other side of town. Our investigators followed her for quite some time, never letting her car go out of our sight. After the drive she entered a house two blocks away from where she parked her car. A few hours later, she exited, and was escorted by a man. The nature of their greeting proved without a doubt that they were having an affair, and that the woman was cheating on our client. Our detectives were able to catch all of this on video and stills

After sorting all the video evidence, we called our client in for one final meeting. He came in the next day, and the detectives showed him the footage. He was shocked that his wife was cheating on him, as he never suspected such a thing. He did thank our investigators for providing him with the truth. We kept the our reputation as the best detective agency in Edinburgh, and the client referred some of his friends to us that might need the services of our private investigators

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