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Matrimonial Investigations Edinburgh

Do you thing that your lover has been behaving oddly recently? Do you consider they may be cheating on you with another person but you don't know what to do? Using matrimonial services of a private investigator such as Edinburgh Private Detectives will assist you with finding out the truth by providing expert matrimonial investigation that will look into every possible situation.

It's an unsettling period when you believe that your lover might be having an affair and you must find out the truth so that you can move ahead. It might be that the accusations are completely unproven and your partner is behaving oddly for some other reasons. However, your accusations might be accurate so you re will require the evidence in order to deal with it. Edinburgh matrimonial investigations can supply this particular evidence.

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Edinburgh Matrimonial Investigations

A client got in touch with Edinburgh Private Detectives, and he needed our services to confirm that his estranged wife was living with another man. The man explained to us that his wife left him for another man recently, and some unconfirmed information had gotten to him that they were living together. He wanted to file for divorce, however, that was not possible without providing proper evidence. He turned to Edinburgh Private Detectives, wanting to know if we could help him with that particular problem, by obtaining video or photographic proof of his wife's adultery, or preferably both. This was important, so he could file for divorce, and to make sure his wife didn't get a financial settlement after they divorced

Matrimonial Investigations in Edinburgh

After taking into account all the facts Edinburgh Private Detectives were presented with, and carefully assessing the requirements set before us by the client, our investigators agreed that the best course of action would be to put his estranged wife under surveillance, through which we could be able to determine for sure if she was indeed living with a man she left him for. Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators assured him that he could trust us with providing the evidence he needed, as we have handled many similar cases in the past. He listened to what we had to say and, after taking a moment to think about it, decided that he would leave it up to us to help with this delicate situation. Once our private detectives made their proposal, along with the costs required for completing such a job, Edinburgh Private Detectives and the client quickly agreed to terms that both sides were satisfied with. Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators put the client's wife under surveillance the next day. From the minute she left work, we were tracing her every move, and her current whereabouts were known and photographed extensively. The detectives followed her car, trying to avoid suspicion, as she ran the usual errands which couldn't yet point us in the direction we were looking for. A couple of hours later, she arrived at what appeared to be her current address, as he checked the mailbox in front the house. As she moved towards the front door, she was affectionately greeted by a man that came from inside the house, the nature of the greeting leaving no doubt that they were romantically involved. All of this was captured on video and photographs, with high resolution images which clearly proved it was the client's wife

Edinburgh Private Detectives then arranged another meeting with our client, during which we presented him with the evidence our private detectives gathered. As a result of our investigation, he was able to divorce his wife. He called Edinburgh Private Detectives after everything was finished to thank us for our help, and to arrange for another meeting, as he was considering hiring Edinburgh Private Detectives again. Also, some of his friend, who were in need of private detective services in Edinburgh also called Edinburgh Private Detectives, wanting to arrange meetings with our private investigators

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