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Edinburgh Private Detectives can provide listening device services that are really an extremely effective but small, hidden gadget. By using this small gadget the private detective investigator continues to be in a position to assist a variety of client's to resolve issues within their private and business life. The listening device has a myriad of uses and can be ready in seconds.

Private investigation companies such as Edinburgh Private Detectives in many cases are contacted through the public as well as through companies who are seeking an easy and efficient means to fix an issue they have. The option would be usually the listening device because it is really flexible. We've utilized the unit within houses, upon motorboats, caravans as well as in a multitude of locations that require this kind on data to be acquired.

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Edinburgh Private Detectives, while doing the standard detective work you might read about in crime novels, also handles the most prosaic cases closer to the common man. Neighbour disputes, minor problems between the two parties, all the stuff which can be handled by our detective agency. Many of our clients didn't come to us with high-profile cases, but smaller problems which made their life more difficult than it actually is. One such case was the one involving and older lady. Our client, an older woman, was worried that people were inside her home at night. She was afraid for her safety, and she sought help from our private investigators. Our detectives assured that she could trust us with her safety, and that we would get to the bottom of this problem, as we are one of the top private detective services in Edinburgh and in the UK.

Listening Devices in Edinburgh

The client wanted to know in what manner we would go about solving her problem. Edinburgh Private Detectives suggested a few possible solutions to her, but decided that it would be best to fit a listening device inside her home in order to determine is someone was in fact inside her home at night. She was content with what we had to suggest, and asked about the costs of such investigation. Edinburgh Private Detectives gave the list of approximate costs involved for solving a case like this. We also presented her our terms and company policies, and her obligations as a client. The woman thought about it, and after carefully inspecting all the aspect, and considering her budget, decide upon hiring Edinburgh Private Detectives for the job. Our private detectives put together a plan, and put into action shortly. They installed the listening equipment in our client's flat, hoping that it would help them provide a solution to the problem. After checking the equipment was working, our private investigator were able to commence the next stage of the investigation. After the recordings were made, our detectives carefully listened to them, and were able to determine that our client was safe in her flat, and that the noise was coming form the flat next door, as her neighbour was working a late night shift and was making a lot of noise when he came back home. Feeling that they gather enough evidence to present to our client, the older lady, Edinburgh Private Detectives reconvened and scheduled for a meeting with our client.

The older lady came in our office the next, where our private investigator presented her with the evidence they were able to collect. They also played her the recordings, and explained to her that the noise was coming from the flat next door. She felt relieved, and was grateful that we were able to solve her problem so quickly. She recommended us to the owner of the building she lived in, who needed the services of a good detective agency in Edinburgh, as some of her tenants left without paying their bills and the rent.

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