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Edinburgh Private Detectives provide polygraph testing through their accredited and expert investigators. Reserving a lie detector test in Edinburgh is simple, get in touch with the pleasant as well as knowledgeable private detectives in Edinburgh and they'll provide you with all of the information that you'll require.

There are many reasons way it is a good idea to book a lie detector test with Edinburgh Private Detectives as not only are they first rate but they also have a reputation for an excellent service. You might need to be analyzed yourself, if a person is suspicious of you incorrectly or believes your partner or husband or wife is being unfaithful.

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Edinburgh Lie Detector Test

One of the most common reasons why potential clients contact Edinburgh Private Detectives agency is regarding their marriage. More specifically, it is usually one the partners that has doubt about their spouse, whether they suspect infidelity, drinking or gambling problem, or when one of the partners goes away for prolonged periods of time and keep the partner in the dark about their whereabouts. Edinburgh Private Detectives received a call from a woman that wanted to arrange a meeting with our private investigators, she wanted to know how to tell if someone is lying. Our investigators scheduled the meeting for next week and the client was able to come in as agreed. Right away, she presented Edinburgh Private Detectives with her problem. She suspected that her husband was cheating on her with another woman, although he flat out denies it. She didn't believe him so she wanted to consult with our private investigators what would be the best way to solve her case. Our detectives heard her out, listened to what she had to say, and suggested a possible solution to this delicate situation. They suggested for that it would be best if her husband was to undergo a lie detector test, which would prove that he was either guilty or innocent.

Lie Detector Test in Edinburgh

She thought the suggestion was a bit extreme, and her husband would get defensive and he would probably refuse to cooperate. She would have a hard time convincing to agree to take the test. Edinburgh Private Detectives assured her that it is not something out of the ordinary, as our experts have performed hundreds of lie detector tests across the duration of their detective careers. Although she was a bit apprehensive at first, finally she was convinced that it would be to best solution if she wanted to find out the truth. She also inquired about the costs of the test, and Edinburgh Private Detectives came forward with out pricing plan, along with her obligations as a client, and our obligations as a company. After that, the client decided to hire Edinburgh Private Detectives agency to solve her marital problem. Our client had convinced her husband to take a lie detector test, so he came into our office at the time we agreed. Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators connected our client to the lie detector device, and through a long series of control questions, but also through asking him some very specific questions, were able to determine facts that would prove crucial to solving the problem. It turned out that our client's husband wasn't cheating on her with another woman, but he did have something to hide, his gambling habit to be exact

Our client was informed about this. She was disappointed in her husband, but glad that were able to turn up useful information, so she could seek help for her husband. The client promised to inform other potential clients that were in need of private investigator services here in Edinburgh. Several weeks later, Edinburgh Private Detectives agency received calls from numerous clients that were referred to us by our former client. They all said we came highly recommended as the best private detective agency in Edinburgh

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