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Fraud is actually deliberate deceptiveness for private acquire that is commonly for money, property or belongings but could also be to achieve a much better placement in everyday life. The culprits of the criminal offense will even focus on your own identification that will permit them to make considerable purchases on the internet in your name resulting in running up debt in your name causing you no end of trouble.

From Edinburgh Private Detectives our private investigators strive hard for people and firms to investigate any kind of fraud offence being committed. The knowledgeable Edinburgh detectives make use of numerous analysis techniques to make sure that any kind of offence was discovered and also the individuals accountable to be reported to the authorities.

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Edinburgh Fraud Investigations

Edinburgh Private Detectives received a call from a client regarding a very specific matter. Our detective agency scheduled a meeting for the next day, as we had an open slot. The potential client had come to us, as he had a suspicion, that needed confirmation, and he hoped that Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators would be able to help. She suspected that one of his co-workers had been faking an injury. The employee had been of sick for with an injured neck for quite some time, and our client claimed he had seen her engaging in activities outside of work that she wouldn't be able to participate in if she was actually injured. Our client wanted to consult with our private detectives in order to inform himself about the possible ways of solving this problem. She asked Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators if they had any suggestions, how would they go about solving this case

Fraud Investigations in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators suggested the best course of action would be to put the fraudulent employee under covert surveillance in order to determine if she was actually sick. Our client was content with the suggestion given by our private detectives. He also wanted to know the costs of the investigation. Our private detective then presented him with conditions under which the private investigation would be carried out, along with the costs, and our client readily accepted such an arrangement, and asked us how soon could our investigator start with the case. After we told her that we would get on the matter almost immediately, she was glad that she hired us. Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators located the employee who was faking her injury using the address our client provided us with. We would track her whereabouts and also provide video and photographic evidence of her activities, so that we would have undisputable proof that she was indeed committing a fraud. It didn't take long for Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators to determine that our client's suspicions were justified, as the fraudulent employee engaged in sports activities while she was avoiding work. The woman in question was caught playing volleyball with some of her friends, which she wouldn't be able if she was injured, as she claimed to be. Edinburgh Private Detectives captured all of this on our cameras, saving both video recording and still images, and after the investigators were sure we had enough material, they concluded the investigation and reconvened back to Edinburgh Private Detectives offices

Edinburgh Private Detectives investigators called our client to arrange one final meeting at our office. At the meeting, Edinburgh Private Detectives presented the client with the video materials and still images our investigators were able to capture, which proved without a doubt that her co-worker was faking an injury. She thanked Edinburgh Private Detectives for helping her with the problem and she promised to refer more clients to our private investigation agency. Which she did, Several weeks, several new client called our office at Edinburgh Private Detectives to arrange for meetings

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