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You might not be familiar with individuals you have recently employed and do not really know if they could really get the task carried out that you have hired to do. Maybe you have used individuals before that can't perform the job that they appear, at first, in a position to do for the salary they require? This is often a very common problem when operating a business. Have you truly checked out this person as well as you could have done

Our corporate investigation services at Edinburgh Private Detectives can help you utilize the best applicants to complete the job you want them to do in the knowledge that they really can do it. Our private investigators can perform employee investigations by evaluating and certifying CV's as well as referrals to recognize any kind of lie or exaggeration that could big your business big difficulty later on inside the workers employment with your company.

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Edinburgh Corporate Investigations

Every day, many people from all walks of life are in need of private detective services for various reasons and our detective agency is here to help all of those who contact us. Private detectives of Edinburgh Private Detectives have rich experience regarding all types of detective investigations, and are able to perform any task you face them with. The client came into our office, because he wanted to know a little bit better about the detectives services the investigators at Edinburgh Private Detectives are able of providing. Our client owned a high-end shoe shop here in Edinburgh, and was in need private of detective services, because he suspected that some of his employees were stealing shoes from the stock room, and it was hurting him financially. He needed to determine which employees were stealing from him so he could fire them and call the authorities to deal with it. Also, he wanted to know what would be the best course of action in a case like this.

Corporate Investigations in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Private Detectives listened to the client as he laid out his predicament, and presented him with the solution which was deemed suitable in this type of case, by our investigators. They suggested that the best way to catch a thief in the act, would be to install hidden cameras inside the stock room. That way, our client would be sure he determined the identity of the employee who was stealing from him. The client was content with our suggestion, but also wanted to our terms and the costs of the investigation conducted by our private investigators. Edinburgh Private Detectives then gave him with conditions under which the private investigation would be carried out, and the client was able too accept our offer and meet the payment plan. Our private detectives installed the cameras after hours, so that our client's employees wouldn't know anything about it and the whereabouts of the cameras. We checked to see the equipment was working and we were on our way back to the office in Edinburgh, from where we could monitor what was going on inside the stock room. Soon enough, one of the newer employees hired by our client was caught on camera stealing expensive shoes. We recorded the footage and archived it, with the intention it to our client. The private investigator concluded the case and called our client to arrange one final meeting where they would present him with the information our investigator were able to provide.

The client came in the next day to Edinburgh Private Detectives agency, where our private detectives presented with the footage of the employee who was stealing shoes. The client was satisfied that we were able help him by catching the thief on video, and he now had proof. He decided to fire the employee and let the police handle the rest. He recommended us to other potential clients who might need private detective services of Edinburgh Private Detectives. And indeed, our agency soon received some calls from potential clients.

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